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Brittany Rae with pianist, Jesse Plessis, wins the 43rd E-Gré National Music Competition in Voice

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The Voice Behind Sonic Blossom - DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art

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"That’s what’s interesting about this project, accepting the intimacy between strangers. The most exciting thing is beyond the physical responses, but the most telling moment is the change in people’s eyes once the song starts, it’s so subtle and minute but once that light turns on, that’s really magical, that moment."



Debussy et ses poètes - McGill University, February 2018

"...le public a apprécié la voix claire, distincte et projetée de la soprano Brittany Rae lors de ses interprétations de Colloque sentimental, notamment la partition joliment écrite d'André Mathieu."

"...the audience appreciated the clear, distinct, and projected voice of soprano, Brittany Rae, in her interpretations of Colloque sentimental, in particular the beautifully composed version by André Mathieu."

--Michel Joanny-Furtin, Revue québécoise d'art lyrique


Lucia di Lammermoor, Opera McGill, January 2018

"Brittany Rae dispose d'une voix souple et agile de grande justesse et expressivité...qui demeurait ferme et émouvante."

"Brittany Rae displayed a supple and agile voice full of precision and expression...which remained strong and stirring."

--Eric Sabourin, Les ArtsZé

"La soprano Brittany Rae fut notamment sublime...dans une Lucia empreinte de majesté, déploie une admirable facilité non seulement dans les traits les plus virtuoses, mais également dans ses rapports à l' voix perce la masse sonore sans la moindre apparence d'effort."

"Dans ses airs délicats, elle s'ajuste et entre en intime correspondance avec l'instrument qui l'accompagne, en particulier dans le fameux "Il dolce suono" où la flûte rôde comme un spectre autour de ses lignes vocales."

"The soprano, Brittany Rae, was particularly a Lucia full of grandeur, displaying admirable ease not only in the most virtuosic passages, but equally in her connection with the orchestra...her voice pierced through the mass of sound with what seemed like little effort."

"During her more delicate solos, she adjusted and entered into an intimate connection with the accompanying instrument, in particular in the famous "Il dolce suono", where the flute hovered like a ghost around her vocal lines."

--Sébastien Daigle, Revue québécoise d'art lyrique

"Sans oublier la quasi inénarrable et indicible 'scène de la folie'...interprétée brillamment par une Brittany Rae--tout feu tout flamme, inspiré et inspirante."

"Brittany est une interprète des plus douées. Je me rémemore le vérisme de son jeu, ainsi que ses aigus, et j'en ai encore des frissons."

"Without forgetting the wild and nearly indescribable 'mad scene'...brilliantly interpreted by Brittany Rae--aflame with passion, inspired and inspiring."

"Brittany is among the most gifted of interpreters. Upon recalling the honesty of her acting, as well as her high notes, I still have shivers."

--Daniel Raymond,



Opera Nuova 2017, 'Carousel'

"There were some fine individual performances too...a particularly impressive and confident Carrie Pipperidge from soprano, Brittany Rae..."

--Mark Morris,


Opera Nuova 2017, 'Letters Home' by Kenneth Nichols

"Particularly arresting-and beautiful-is the duet between the two homesteaders that ends the cycle...It was especially well sung by, Brittany Rae, whose natural acting utilized both voice and stage presence."

--Mark Morris,


Opera NUOVA 2016, I Capuleti e i Montecchi

"Soprano Brittany Rae...was effective in her more impassioned interactions, both with Romeo and her father Capellio."

--Mark Morris, Edmonton Journal